Inferior Five’s Final Issues Postponed Indefinitely

I can’t say I’m particularly surprised by the news that INFERIOR FIVE‘s final two issues have been postponed.

The series was originally going to be twelve issues and, around the third issue’s solicitation, that got dropped to six.

As much as I like Keith Giffen’s writing, it’s not for everyone and setting a story in a never heard of before town, at the time of the original INVASION! crossover from 1988, featuring characters that clearly weren’t what people were expecting from a series called INFERIOR FIVE . . . all that was going to be a tough sell.

That said, I was enjoying it and it’s a shame we may not get to see the story behind the cover of #5, shown above, where original Inferior Five member Awkwardman is clearly having a very bad day.

The news story does say the issue may be resolicited later but I wouldn’t put too much money on that.

One thought on “Inferior Five’s Final Issues Postponed Indefinitely

  1. Based off what you just said it really should come to no surprise, least of all to Giffin, that it’s not selling well. Sounds like a personal passion project that only got greenlit to be published because it’s Giffin. Otherwise, unless it really was about the original group from the 60’s, they might’ve had a shot. Then again, maybe not.


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