Mash-Up #228 Venom vs The Question

While I always liked the Vic Sage Question, I liked Renee Montoya taking over the role after INFINITE CRISIS and 52. And then the New 52 arrived and The Question was part of this Trinity of Evil and . . . stuff happened . . .

I lost interest after that.

3 thoughts on “Mash-Up #228 Venom vs The Question

  1. Cool cover. Wonder what it’s leading to.
    I myself didn’t care for Rene taking over the role as the Question. Call me a purist, but that is and will ALWAYS be Vic’s role. Rene’s a good character on her own without being forced to become a legacy, but that’s just me.
    I mean honestly, what did she bring to the role that Vic didn’t any longer? A set of tits? Supposed extra drama because she’s a lesbian crimefighter? She didn’t add anything or further evolve the concept and character of the Question at all in a new and logical direction. So yeah, big no for me.
    Even more so the ABOMINATION that was the Phew52 incarnation. The fuck was that all about? And they never really did follow up and flesh out that version either, and then it was dropped by the wayside.
    A waste.


    1. Like I said, I kinda liked the Montoya version.

      Agree with you about the New52 version though – that whole Trinity of Evil thing went nowhere; Pandora was Pandora with the box; Phantom Stranger was Judas Iscariot; the Question? Ironically, I don’t think that ever got answered.

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      1. Yeah that got dropped pretty quick. Like when the whole 52 things was supposed to originally be Pandora’s fault but then she gets killed off and it turns out Dr. manhattan was behind it all. So much to hate about the whole thing.


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