I Get Spam

Regular readers will know I occasionally dip into my spam filter and take a look at the comments that WordPress has prevented from posting on the site.

Most of them are generic “buy these pills” or “ladies want to meet you” type of things, but every now and then something makes me smile. Like so:

Every now and then I have thought about having a guest writer . . . but you’re clearly a bot so no, not going to extend the offer to you.

This was attempting to post on a Mash-Up . . . so a post which had nothing to do with a video. It’s almost like these bots don’t pay attention.

You’re right, completely off topic but it did make me smile – but was it your iPhone or your iPad?

Still, 83 views, eh? I hope your cousin’s happy.

4 thoughts on “I Get Spam

  1. My favorite is still the bot that tried to publish parts of a novel about a Christian family sitting down to dinner or something. That and the bot that was just a long post about how the creator thought Superman sucked, like he had nothing better to do in his life than make a bot to proclaim his hatred of Superman on any article that mentioned him. Then you have the searches that bring people to your site and the horror stories of just what kinds of porn some people are into. That was info I never needed in my life.


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