3 thoughts on “Mash-Up #234 Phantom Lady and Darkstar

  1. Oh most definitely it would’ve been.
    Donna as a Darkstar was pretty good career move on DC’s part I think…at least initially up until the part where they killed the whole thing off. I have no idea why they did. I think John’s inclusion was equally a good idea.


    1. Yeah, both Donna and John worked as Darkstars; they even brought in a handful of other ex-Lanterns as well, but I guess with the changes to GREEN LANTERN around that time, DC just didn’t want another group that was basically the same thing. Shame as I enjoyed that series and, on a side note, haven’t really enjoyed what’s been done with them either in the last GL run or Morisson’s Blackstars iteration.

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      1. Yeah I can’t say his GL stuff has really riveted me or anything. Seems like he’s being weird and spacey for the sake of being weird and spacey. They can’t all be winners.


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