Untold Tales #458 Jimmy Olsen and Supergirl

When the original CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS #7 was available thanks to my trusty random date generator, I had to try and include it – and with Supergirl herself on both covers, this one pretty much wrote itself, with the help of the trusty Futur-O-Scope.

4 thoughts on “Untold Tales #458 Jimmy Olsen and Supergirl

  1. That certainly IS a good question Kara. Jimmy showing those underage kids that sort of gore and violence is pretty much like letting them watch those graphic WW2/Vietnam?Insert your own war documentaries that the History Channel seems to LOVE showing so much over here in the states. BAD JIMMY, BAD!


  2. Jimmy’s trying to make these kids sad about Supergirl dying so they’ll call DC a lot and ask them not to do it. A reverse Jason Todd, if you will.

    Sadly, Jimmy doesn’t know the kid with the popcorn is Marv Wolfman, who has just decided writing comic books for a living sounds much cooler than being an astronaut.


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