The Snyder Cut Being Released

Okay, I have to admit, I did not see that coming.

Zak Snyder’s long called for (by some, not me) version of his Justice League film is to be released on HBO Max next year, possibly as a complete film, possibly as a broken apart mini-series.

There’s a follow-up article over at the Beat which talks about why this might not be such a good idea from the point of Warner Bros being seen to give in to some of the worst elements of the internet.

For me, not having liked any of Snyder’s work in the DC world, this is more of a curiosity thing. Will four hours of a miserable Superman; a grim, grey, washed out world where heroes have no regard for anything like the safety of civilians; and a Batman convinced Superman is the enemy, even be enjoyable?

I doubt it, to be honest.

3 thoughts on “The Snyder Cut Being Released

  1. Well I’ll certainly never know because I A). Don’t have a subscription to HBO or any of it’s sub-channels, and B). Will NEVER…EVER watch those horrible DC films he made. Watchmen was fine, I liked 300, but after how MoS turned out, no, fuck that, and Fuck him.

    What’s really sad, is that if the people who raised such a stink about wanting to see this suppose holy grail cut had put that energy in to actual stuff that matters, like oh say politics, helping out their neighbors and friends more, or anything remotely positive and beneficial to the world in general, we’d all be a lot better off.
    Sorry for the unsolicited min-rant.


    1. I enjoyed Watchmen, despite the terrible sex scene in the Owlship (I mean “Hallelujah” as a romantic score? WTF?) and the over-use of slo-mo. 300 was fun, as well. Even Sucker Punch looked stunning even though it was completely vapid in terms of story.

      But yeah, Man of Steel and Batman vs Superman … man, they were bad.

      Totally agree on the mini-rant so no need to apologise there.

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