Mash-Up #247 Spoiler vs The Death Defying Devil

I picked up most of the PROJECT: SUPERPOWERS miniseries when they first started up over ten years ago and thought the conceit of pulling together public domain heroes into a new universe worked for a while. Then, from memory, delays in publication led to titles just drifting away and I lost interest.

3 thoughts on “Mash-Up #247 Spoiler vs The Death Defying Devil

  1. Yeah same thing with me. I had most of the Season 1 and a few spin-offs like Black Terror, but lost interest when Season 2 finally came out. I did eventually read Ellis’ spin on them, and it was ok, but it was TOTALLY different, with a completely different tone and premise. It was alright for what it was, but I would’ve preferred a more straightforward mini from him using those characters. It read like a bad Alan Moore impression during his Swamp Thing days.


    1. I hadn’t realised Ellis had done any Superpowers stuff. I enjoyed BLACK TERROR but, again, I think it was delays in publishing that just let me drift away from it all.


      1. I bought the 1st trade, but lost interest in buying the monthlies, possibly buying one or two before stopping completely. Yeah he did and it was hyped up of course on comic news sites. The artwork was fine and even appropriate for the really dark tone his version had, it just didn’t fit at all with the Jim Kruger series. It was definitely a standalone mini-series that seemed more like an Elseworlds tale than anything else.


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