3 thoughts on “Mash-Up #280 Starman and Dr Fate

  1. They really were weren’t they? Plus with the Dr. Fate situation, not only do they go with a female Doc Fate, but they go all-in with it being due to the merging of a stepmother and her pre-teen son (who’s trapped in an adult body and they almost did it one time)
    Good times.


    1. Yeah, Dr Fate, like so many other heroes, keeps getting rebooted back to being Kent Nelson. Doesn’t matter if it’s Nabu, Eric/Linda Strauss, the short lived Kent V Nelson (which was just needlessly confusing), or Khalid Nassour, sooner or later the writers always go back to it being Kent. In the current JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK, Kent’s sworn he’ll never be Dr Fate again, but we’ll see how long that lasts.

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      1. Yeah, so basically Kent’s the DC version of Johnny Blaze as far as being repeatedly being drawn back to being Ghost Rider as the main default setting after long runs of using other hosts. I’m sure Kent’s buddy Jim Corrigan knows a bit about that or two 😉


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