100 Issues Ago October 2012

This was it – the final issue of the final story arc in THE BOYS where Wee Hughie and Butcher had their final face-off. Thing is, Hughie was badly wounded, and Butcher had broken his neck meaning they could do nothing more than talk for pretty much the whole issue – but what an issue. With a single issue left in the series, this was where Butcher had his final words and Wee Hughie understood what sort of a man he was at the end of it all. Damn fine writing.

Elsewhere, DC was heading in to the second year of the New 52; the GREEN LANTERN titles were dealing with the Rise of the Third Army, a story arc that I can honestly not remember a great deal about; Dan Jurgens took over FIRESTORM but even he wouldn’t be able to do much with it; and TEEN TITANS revealed the blood-soaked origin of Wonder Girl . . . because why not?

Tally this month was one from Dark Horse, one from Dynamite, and 16 from DC.

One thought on “100 Issues Ago October 2012

  1. I don’t think I had anything new in October. From outside Marvel/DC, Angel & Faith, Atomic Robo, Rocketeer: Cargo of Doom (although it looks like I didn’t get my copy of the final issue of that until later.)

    DC, Dial H is still the cream of the crop, Freddie Williams took over as artist from Harvey Tolibao on Green Arrow, which is a step up, and Batman Beyond Unlimited.

    Marvel, Daredevil’s into the “Coyote” storyline, which is fun for making Matt wonder if he’s losing his mind for awhile. Hawkeye’s on issue 3, Captain Marvel finishes its first storyarc, which dragged on too long, so things pick up a bit on it from here on out. Secret Avengers is nearing the end of the line. Looking over my reviews, I had completely forgotten Remender had Flash Thompson (on the team because he’s got the Venom symbiote) hook up with Valkyrie. Really, Remender?


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