Snyder Cut – Initial Reviews

The Beat has some early reactions from viewers of the Snyder Cut of Justice League and the hyperbole is in full flow:

That’s a screenshot, by the way, so don’t bother clicking that button expecting something to play
Yep – another screenshot

But, as The Beat points out, the overflowing praise “seems to come from fans who have been campaigning for #ReleaseTheSnyderCut for the last few years” so they’re bound to be happy – they got what they wanted.

Other, perhaps more professional critics, are not so impressed:

It’s unlikely I’ll see this any time soon – I don’t subscribe to HBO Max (not sure it’s even available here in the UK) so I’ll probably wait until it turns up on Amazon Prime for free in two or three years and then, once I’ve finally washed the bad taste Man of Steel and Batman vs Superman left in my mouth . . . maybe then I’ll watch it.