100 Issues Ago January 2013

Forgive me – with all the fun and games of working on the house, being busy in the office, and just missing my reminders, I forgot to post a 100 Issues Ago post last month. Still, c’est la vie, eh?

I’ve long been willing to give Keith Giffen a chance when he’s either writing and/or illustrating a book and back in 2013, THRESHOLD came along featuring a tough as nails abandoned Green Lantern called Jediah Caul and his sort-of partner in crime Stealth who, if I remember rightly, was a revamped version of a LEGION character. Again, if my memory serves, the title was touted as being an ongoing and then, before release, became an eight issue miniseries which isn’t usually a good sign.

Anyhow, Caul is one of the victims on the intergalactic show The Hunted where a whole planet is out to get him and Stealth and a bunch of others. Giffen’s tight dialogue, as usual, doesn’t give a great deal away, but there’s exposition in the form of Glimmernet updates. It’s fast moving and the art by Tom Raney (Scott Kolins illustrated the Larfleeze backup) is nice and clean.

Not a bad start to the series.

Elsewhere this month, the GREEN LANTERN titles were still running through the Rise of the Third Army storyline; DEMON KNIGHTS welcomed Robert Venditti as the new writer on his first DC book; the Rotworld crossover in SWAMP THING and sundry other titles limped along; and both FRANKENSTEIN: AGENT OF SHADE and BLUE BEETLE came to an end.

Still massively weighted in favour of DC – 19 issues this month, with just one a piece for both Marvel and Image.

4 thoughts on “100 Issues Ago January 2013

  1. Awww Threshold. That was one of those fringe series/concepts you see put out by a major company like DC every so often, like Silverblade, Camelot 3000, and the Blasters were in the 80’s, Chronos and Resurrection Man in the 90’s, and so on. Seemed like a good premise, but I can see where it the timing might not have been the best since by then the Phew52 experiment was already souring with customers and shop owners.


  2. Not a lot of changes in January. This month is the final issue of Nocenti’s stint on Green Arrow, which makes it my final issue buying Green Arrow. Ah well. Alberto Ponticelli has taken over as regular series artist on Dial H and remains until the book ends. Batman Beyond Unlimited, the big “10,000 Jokers” story in nearing an end.

    Marvel, the big change was that Dennis Hopeless and Kev Walker started Avengers Arena in December. It got a lot of bad reaction online for being a Battle Royale/Hunger Games rip-off, and killing a couple of established characters, but I enjoyed it well enough (might have felt different if the established characters I liked died, but they didn’t), and Walker’s art and Jean-Francois Beaulieu’s coloring were excellent.

    Beyond that, Captain America, Daredevil, Secret Avengers (almost over), Captain Marvel (Filipe Andrade takes over as series artist and that is an. . . experience), Hawkeye (the point where it starts to decline). Outside those two publishers, the only thing I’m getting is Angel & Faith. 2013’s gonna reverse the trend of the last few years. Marvel’s going to bounce back, and everything else is going to take a hit.


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