Oh My God! They Killed Green Lantern!

I remember seeing the cover of the first issue of the new GREEN LANTERN series – the one showing Teen Lantern facing off against the Guardians of the Universe – and thinking this looks like it could be fun!

Four issues in, and there’s not much fun to be had. Instead, with the Central Power Battery destroyed and Lanterns throughout the universe left without their power rings, bounty hunters and other killers have been taking their toll, giving us this heavy double spread where Lanterns are named among the dead or missing:

Having been a long-time Green Lantern fan, there’s plenty of names there that I recognised (including NautKeLoi, one of the earliest alien Lanterns to appear in Hal Jordan’s original series back in the 1960s) but one name caught me by surprise:

Arisia Rrabb, teen Lantern who used her ring to age herself so she could date Hal Jordan

and who forged a new career after the events of Emerald Twilight (and made some weird fashion choices)

and who was killed by Major Force before reviving and rejoining the Corps, as a kick ass Lantern

and who has been a fan favourite for many years . . . has apparently been killed off screen.

That sucks.

She’s been dead before and has managed to come back, so who knows? But for now, it’s farewell to one of the longest serving Lanterns.

100 Issues Ago March 2013

It was honestly something of a struggle this month to pick something for this post – not because I was confronted by so much quality, rather because I looked at the books I’d bought in March 2013 . . . and really wondered what the hell was going on with most of them.

Firestorm faced off against the Teen Titans in his own book while the team were facing off against Raven in their own, neither storyline making much of an impact on my memory. The Lantern books were dealing with the Wrath of the First Lantern which I remember enjoying at the time, but now . . .

And then there was a bunch of other stuff happening in a bunch of other books. Not a good month, clearly.

DC still riding high with 22 books (a couple of titles had two issues this month due to the five Wednesdays) and Image and Marvel one a piece (FATALE and FURY: MAX respectively)