100 Issues Ago March 2013

It was honestly something of a struggle this month to pick something for this post – not because I was confronted by so much quality, rather because I looked at the books I’d bought in March 2013 . . . and really wondered what the hell was going on with most of them.

Firestorm faced off against the Teen Titans in his own book while the team were facing off against Raven in their own, neither storyline making much of an impact on my memory. The Lantern books were dealing with the Wrath of the First Lantern which I remember enjoying at the time, but now . . .

And then there was a bunch of other stuff happening in a bunch of other books. Not a good month, clearly.

DC still riding high with 22 books (a couple of titles had two issues this month due to the five Wednesdays) and Image and Marvel one a piece (FATALE and FURY: MAX respectively)

One thought on “100 Issues Ago March 2013

  1. I don’t think there’s any changes to what I’m getting this month. Angel & Faith and Rocketeer Hollywood Horror from Dark Horse and IDW, respectively.

    Batman Beyond Unlimited, Dial H, and Katana from DC. I think Norm Breyfogle is no longer the artist on the Batman Beyond stuff, and the story is something to do with someone using the Metal Men to destroy Gotham.

    Marvel, Avengers Arena, Captain America, Fearless Defenders, Captain Marvel, Daredevil. Daredevil is one issue away from an awesome knockdown drag-out fight, but for now, Waid and Samnee have him stressing over Foggy’s health and the mysterious villain behind all the attacks against him since the book started. Hawkeye appears to have skipped March, probably because of artist issues, something that is only going to become more frequent as we go along.


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