100 Issues Ago May 2013

It’s an action packed issue of WORLDS’ FINEST this month that takes the highlight spot – hardly surprising as it’s the issue where Power Girl finally shrugs off the hideous New 52 costume and returns to the classic look, even including the boob window. Well, technically, it’s not this issue – this same month, Power Girl made an appearance in SUPERGIRL #19 and it’s there, not even in the pages of her own (shared) title, that she returns to the classic look. The events of that issue and the new costume aren’t even mentioned in this issue.

Elsewhere it was the end of Geoff Johns’s run on GREEN LANTERN which had its share of ups and downs but delivered some massive events in its time; FIRESTORM limps to an end; EARTH 2 explores the new Dr Fate while in the EARTH 2 ANNUAL, we get a better look at the new Batman which is a Thomas Wayne that, from memory, owes some small debt to the FLASHPOINT version in terms of character and appearance; and JUSTICE LEAGUE is building up to the forthcoming Trinity War and the awful FOREVER EVIL that follows that.

Outside of DC, it was a single issue of Garth Ennis’s FURY MAX and that was it.

One thought on “100 Issues Ago May 2013

  1. Two big changes for me that month. One, Atomic Robo and the Savage Sword of Dr. Dinosaur starts up. Clevinger and Wegener had only used Dr. D as a one-off villain up to then, so there’s a question of whether his shtick will run thin over five issues. Two, this is the last issue of Fearless Defenders I buy, as nothing about the comic is impressing me (except maybe Mark Brooks’ covers.)

    Otherwise, Avengers Arena, Captain America, Captain Marvel, Daredevil, Hawkeye from Marvel. Back down to just five titles, but it’ll go up next month. Batman Beyond Unlimited, Dial H, Katana from DC. Angel & Faith from Dark Horse rounds it out.


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