100 Issues Ago September 2013

Teased for months with the Trinity War crossover in the JUSTICE LEAGUE titles, the first big, line-wide crossover event since the launch of the New 52 landed – FOREVER EVIL, where the bad guys would win and take out the League, leaving the handful of apparently honourable bad guys (principally the Flash’s Rogues) to strike back and take over.

Of course, that’s all months down the line – this issue is simply the aftermath of the arrival of Earth-Three’s Crime Syndicate where they take out the world’s communications grid, and assemble Earth’s villains as their Secret Society, their army to take over the world. Oh, and they unmask Nightwing on live TV for . . . reasons, I guess. Maybe showing they can find anyone and everyone connected to the heroes, so telling them not to bother to retaliate.

It’s grim, and dark, and not much fun at all.

Elsewhere, the rest of my DC titles were all about showcasing the villains – each series had issues of x.1 or x.2 this month where the heroes were side-lined and their bad guys got the spotlight because of FOREVER EVIL.

Outside of DC it was still FATALE from Image and THE STAR WARS from Dark Horse, the adaptation of George Lucas’ original rough draft.

6 thoughts on “100 Issues Ago September 2013

  1. I think the only Villains Month Special I bought was Dial E (which was like Justice League of America 23.3 or something, really wish DC hadn’t adopted that stupid decimal numbering Marvel started a few years earlier.) One of those jam issues where every page was drawn by a different artist, aka, kind of a mess, but the best I was gonna get for a conclusion to Mieville’s run.

    Katana was the only other DC title. Rocketeer/Spirit shipped its second issue. There was an Empowered one-shot from Dark Horse I picked up. I always feel like I should enjoy that book more than I do. Don’t know what the disconnect is. Marvel, tehre was Avengers Arena, Daredevil, Captain Marvel wrapped up its Infinity tie-ins, X-Men, and I bought my last issue of Remender’s Captain America. Cap was back on Earth, Carlos Pacheco took over as artist, and I was not feeling it.


    1. I think the only thing I really know by Pacheco was the JLA / JSA: Virtue and Vice one-shot which I really liked; oh, he also did a run of half a dozen or so covers for JSA which were cool.


      1. The biggest thing I know of Pacheco drew was Kurt Busiek’s Avengers Forever. I think by 2013, his work had gotten a lot stiffer, maybe more computer rendering or trying to look more photorealistic or something.


  2. I thought they were even supposed to kill off Nightwing (another attempt since 2005) but once again cooler heads prevailed & that idea got nixed again. The fuck was Dildo’s problem with Dick Grayson so much that he wanted to kill him? Had to be something else other than for the sake of being shocking.
    I will say though that a Dark Multiverse story where Dick did indeed die and the CSA’s scheme worked out far better for far longer than it did would’ve been nice to see play out for those of us CSA fans.


      1. I honestly don’t get why other than Jealousy over an imaginary comic book character and a desperate attempt at lifelong relevancy & high sales numbers.


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