New Crisis, New Name

Well, that came as a surprise – the announcement at San Diego Comic Con that DC’s current big event DARK CRISIS was changing it’s name half way through its run to DARK CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS complete with a rather cool mini interview/trailer for the change that you can watch on DC’s announcement page.

Probably best if I get my butt in gear and catch up with the annotations, eh?

9 thoughts on “New Crisis, New Name

      1. I still read for free online.
        These days it’s Black Hammer, Silver Coin, Moon Knight, Moon Knight: Red, Black & White, and I guess for now Savage Avengers.
        Image really has become the place to go when you want to escape from the continuity legacy ip universes for awhile for something fresh & exciting.


      2. Why do you promote piracy? This industry deserve the support of every penny they can get through RETAIL LCS purchases, not some “read online” digital huff-puff.


      3. Not sure a commenter posting a link really qualifies as me “promoting piracy” but I agree that we should be buying content where possible and that link shouldn’t have been posted, so I’ve removed it from the original comment.


    1. Kingdom Come, Watchmen, and Dark Knight Returns – they all are or were part of one multiverse or another; KINGDOM COME is on Earth-22; WATCHMEN while not an identified earth was brought into the DCU with DOOMSDAY CLOCK and a pastiche exists as Earth-4; and DARK KNIGHT RETURNS was on Earth-31.

      Issue #4 of DARK CRISIS brings the multiverse back so don’t be surprised if we see some of those worlds making a cameo.


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