New Crisis, New Name

Well, that came as a surprise – the announcement at San Diego Comic Con that DC’s current big event DARK CRISIS was changing it’s name half way through its run to DARK CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS complete with a rather cool mini interview/trailer for the change that you can watch on DC’s announcement page.

Probably best if I get my butt in gear and catch up with the annotations, eh?

Annotations Update

The annotations for DARK CRISIS #1 are up and available here; I’ll be adding to the series as it goes along.

There was a big crowd scene with a vigil for the fallen League and that’s where I’ve been left with a handful of unknown characters, along with a few from the attack on Titans Tower. Take a look at the images below (they’re also in the Unknown Characters page) and if you recognise any, drop me a line using the Contact Me page. If you can identify any, you’ll get your name among the illustrious others in the Acknowledgements page.

Annotations Update

Annotations are complete for JLI – there’s a link on the right hand side that’ll take you to the INFINITE FRONTIER Homepage and you can find the individual issues linked there.

JUSTICE LEAGUE #75 will be done as soon as I’ve got my hands on it and then it’s roll the sleeves up time for the forthcoming DARK CRISIS.