3 thoughts on “Untold Tales #601 Green Lantern and Vampirella

  1. Generally yes, but then I’m pretty sure Hal’s just about seen it all by now, or at least he he has to have. I guess with each reboot he forgets LOTS of things, and when added to his CTE (which I figure has to be strong enough to survive all those reboots to stick around) he must MOGO-sized holes in his memory.


  2. A tree with teeth seems like more of a concern for Alan Scott. But it’s a true testament to Hal’s willpower that he’s not staring at Vampi’s butt, although I imagine he hasn’t got enough leftover to tell the ring to do much.

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    1. Very true, just not Vampi’s butt for obvious reasons. I’m sure Hal’s perfected the art of staring without being too obvious about it…ok maybe not but that’s what a power ring’s for right?


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