5 thoughts on “Untold Tales #670 Justice League America and Nightveil

  1. Yeah this was definitely a weird transitional period post Superman’s death. Once Jurgens left I stopped reading, although I did pick up an issue of the Overmaster storyline in 95 when Extreme Justice was a thing.


  2. I bought the Zero issue of JL where “Blue Beetle” seemingly attempts to rejoin the team only to be quickly outed by Crimson Fox as an imposter. Speaking of Fox, she definitely did not get treated the best did she? Her twin gets killed of, leaving her to pick up the mantle, then she gets killed off by the Mist’s daughter in Starman#38. DC definitely did her dirty.


      1. VERY shoddy. I was going to say I wonder if it had anything to do with Gerald Jones since he was writing her at the the time, but she’s strictly a Keith Giffin creation, so that can’t be it.


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