Annotations Update

And they’re done and published, people – the INFINITE FRONTIER annotations are up; you can get to them by clicking the link on the right hand side or just here.

As mentioned last week, my plan now is to annotate the JUSTICE LEAGUE INCARNATE mini-series in readiness for the forthcoming DARK CRISIS.

There were only a handful of unknown characters in INFINITE FRONTIER, and I’ve added them to the usual page. If you recognise any, use the Contact Me page at the top and let me know.

Annotations Update

I am so behind on this that I thought it best to let you folks know where I am with the annotations for INFINITE FRONTIER. I had planned to get this done over Christmas but then al life got in the way and I didn’t get a chance to pick this back up until last week.

My goal at the moment is to annotate 10 pages per day – I’ve just finished page 10 of issue #5 and so hope to get the notes for #5 and #6 by mid-week of next week. Then it’s just a bit of tidying up and publishing pages and we should be done.

And then . . .

I get to take a look at JUSTICE LEAGUE INCARNATE which I’ve deliberately not read until I finish INFINITE FRONTIER.

And then . . .

So yeah, that’s happening.

With some luck and a fair wind, I might even be able to annotate DARK CRISIS month by month.

Infinite Annotations!

As long time readers know, my comic boxes are slowly making their way back from storage so it’ll be some time before I can make a start on annotating DAY OF JUDGMENT.

In the meantime, though, I thought I’d flex my long dormant annotation muscles by taking a stroll through the just concluded INFINITE FRONTIER which, while not a big crossover summer event, had enough multiversal connections (and was just so enjoyable after the interminable DARK NIGHTS nonsense) that I thought it warranted the same attention.

Work’s begun so hopefully finish in a couple of weeks or so.