Annotations Update

Annotations are complete for JLI – there’s a link on the right hand side that’ll take you to the INFINITE FRONTIER Homepage and you can find the individual issues linked there.

JUSTICE LEAGUE #75 will be done as soon as I’ve got my hands on it and then it’s roll the sleeves up time for the forthcoming DARK CRISIS.

Out With The Old Underworld, In With The New

A reader got in touch this week to let me know I’d missed a character in the New Gods fight in issue #2 of HISTORY OF THE DC UNIVERSE annotations. While I was updating the Acknowledgements page, I noticed the logo that I’d created for use on the UNDERWORLD UNLEASHED pages:

I’ve never liked it – it’s too scratchy and rough, plus it doesn’t share the colour scheme from the actual series. I made it in 2018, though, so I’ve had a bit more practice putting together logos with all of the UNTOLD TALES covers I’ve done since then, so have re-done the logo like so:

I think that looks much neater, even if I say so myself.

Annotations Update

And they’re done and published, people – the INFINITE FRONTIER annotations are up; you can get to them by clicking the link on the right hand side or just here.

As mentioned last week, my plan now is to annotate the JUSTICE LEAGUE INCARNATE mini-series in readiness for the forthcoming DARK CRISIS.

There were only a handful of unknown characters in INFINITE FRONTIER, and I’ve added them to the usual page. If you recognise any, use the Contact Me page at the top and let me know.