Annotations Update

Annotations are complete for JLI – there’s a link on the right hand side that’ll take you to the INFINITE FRONTIER Homepage and you can find the individual issues linked there.

JUSTICE LEAGUE #75 will be done as soon as I’ve got my hands on it and then it’s roll the sleeves up time for the forthcoming DARK CRISIS.

5 thoughts on “Annotations Update

  1. Having no idea what in the hell’s going on with that because I checked out on DC again after reading Infinite Frontier, what’s going on? Last I remember Pariah was the bad guy trying to bring the Pre-CRISIS universe back using Barry.


      1. I think the last big, cross-company event to use Crisis was, ironically, FINAL CRISIS back in 2008-2009 (I’m not including the terrible non-event of HEROES IN CRISIS) so it’s been a while.

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      2. Not long enough. Legit surprised they went with Death Metal instead of Death Metal Crisis or something (although to be fair that actually sounds like a decent name for a heavy metal album or band)


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