Quick News Round Up

Been out the last couple of days so catching up with the news and here’s what caught my eye:

Ash Evil Dead

Ash vs Evil Dead has been confirmed for a second season before the first one even starts – which is great news for you lovely people in the States, but over here in the UK, there’s still no channel confirmed to show it.

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Britain Needs This!

I don’t think I’ve been so excited for a new TV series since . . . well, since a heck of a long time ago, to be honest.


I’ve long been a fan of the Evil Dead films (the originals anyway – that recent remake? Not so much) and having seen the trailer for this series leaves me wanting more. There’s a nice little featurette here which clearly shows the cast enjoying themselves but while the show is due to start towards the end of October in the States, it has yet to get a UK release.

I don’t care who picks it up – hell, I’m even watching Fox because it has the excellent Agent Carter – but someone here in our little island needs to be showing this soon.