JLI Is Back In The DCU But Guess What Else?

I’ve seen a couple of articles on the net following this exchange in Justice League of America #7:

Click to embiggen

It shows that Ice and the Justice League International are back in the DCU; they’re part of the Rebirthed history although, to be fair, it doesn’t say which JLI. Everyone’s jumping to the conclusion that it’s the classic Giffen/DeMatteis era but it could just as easily be the Dan Jurgens written JLI from the New 52.

While I admit it’s a nice development, this wasn’t what caught my eye in this issue.

As you can see above, Atom and Killer Frost are in the wonderfully named Museum of Unnatural History trying to find a cure for her condition when they’re attacked by a guy who hasn’t been seen for many, many a moon – Terrorsmith, one of the villains created in the original Bloodlines event from 1991. And it is that original event, not the Bloodlines series from last year that had next to nothing to do with the 1991 crossovers as Terrorsmith himself explains:


Yep – aliens, necks, and spinal fluid, all the classic Bloodlines ingredients. And if there were any doubt left, here’s what he was looking for in the Museum:

Glonth, one of the original Bloodlines parasites.

So yeah, JLI and Ice are back in the Rebirth DCU . . . but so is the Bloodlines event and all the terrible, terrible metahumans it created.

Spot The Difference

Here’s a handful of DC covers from the last few years:

Justice League Vol 1 13 Worlds Finest 13 Justice League Vol 1 11 Green Lantern Vol 4 66

And here’s the latest issue of Bloodlines which came out just last week:

Bloodlines 04

Notice the difference?

All of the earlier covers have large banners running across the top of the cover promoting the latest DC film or TV show, but on Bloodlines, we get this:

Bloodlines 04 Squad

Yep – Suicide Squad, the film that’s getting way better pre-release buzz than Man of Steel or Batman vs Superman gets a little logo down in the corner rather than a banner across the top of the entire front cover.

Yet another brilliant marketing move from DC.

New Bloodlines?!

A few weeks ago, I finished transferring all the annotations I’d done from the old site to this one and then thought about which DC event to start afresh. If I’m honest, my choices were either Eclipso: The Darkness Within or Bloodlines mainly because I already owned all the annuals and book ends for both of them. Knowing Bloodlines would be a little less enjoyable due to the – shall we say, weaker – storyline, I went for Eclipso and am currently about half way through the write-ups.

Now, in a wonderful example of sod’s law, I read that DC are going to be revisiting Bloodlines with a new six-issue mini series in April with the following details:

When a meteor crashes to Earth, bringing with it an unspeakable alien presence that terrorizes a nearby small town, the lucky ones die first. As for the rest, they find themselves locked in a hellish struggle for control of their bodies and their minds. This isn’t just an invasion. It’s an infestation. What would you do if the greatest threat to humanity was hidden away inside you?
Award-winning writer J.T. Krul (Teen Titans, Green Arrow, Jirni) and superstar-in-the-making V. Ken Marion (All New Soulfire, Jirni) bring you their dark and horrifying science-fiction epic about tortured souls who are cursed to a fate worse than death…much worse.

Here’s the cover to the first issue:


That looks like an updated Razorblade on the left, Gunfire or maybe Ballistic behind her, Loose Cannon in the front and – a real maybe – Geist in the background?

Given the original Bloodline parasite’s were and obvious rip-off homage to the Alien xenomorphs, I wonder if the floating ball things with hooks are a more subtle reference to the face-huggers?

Either way, it seems I need to get my skates on and finish the Eclipso annotations because – obviously – the whole of the internet will be wanting to find out more about the original Bloodlines series now this has been announced.

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