“The Shallows” Teaser Trailer

I like a shark attack movie as much as the rest of the world – Deep Blue Sea was a wonderfully over the top film with one of the best surprise deaths ever – and the trailer for The Shallows looks intriguing:

Not much to go on there but if they can stretch a movie out with just Blake Lively (and a seagull) on a single rock facing off against a shark, they can have my money. The potential for some real nerve shredding tension is there if they stick with a tiny cast, a single location and an ever present threat; this could be a real edge of the seat situation and I hope it works.

However, two things bugged me about this: first, the tag line:



That’s the best they can come up with? What was once over there, is now over here. And if “the deep” is a reference to the book by Peter Benchley and the film adaptation . . . well, there were no sharks in that one. You’re thinking of Jaws. And that’s the other thing that bugs me from the article where I discovered the trailer:

Billed by Sony Pictures as “‘Jaws’ for a new generation,” “The Shallows” opens June 24.

Why the hell does the new generation need their own Jaws? Is the original not good enough?

Tom Cruise In Preacher?

CruiseI honestly don’t know what surprised me most: news that Tom Cruise is making a cameo in the forthcoming Preacher pilot or that the synopsis of the storyline includes this:

In the premiere, an unknown force from outer space possess preachers around the world, and eventually makes them blow up, inside out.

A “force from outer space”? What the hell? I know they’ve got to make some changes to the source material but really: an “unknown force from outer space”?

Have to admit, that doesn’t bode well.

Women Don’t Talk Much On The Moon

Eclipso ArmsAs I was annotating both issues of the Eclipso: The Darkness Within series, I began to get a sense that the male characters in the story were getting a lot more “screen time” and dialogue than their female counterparts. Over the course of a weekend, I went through the issues and started examining the issues in more detail and ended up writing a small essay.

You can read the results here.