Doomsday Clock Pages

The first six pages of Doomsday Clock have been released, along with an interview with writer Geoff Johns.

And it looks like Ozymandias is in trouble, wanted for the murder of millions of people in the New York massacre.

Gary Frank’s art looks gorgeous, similar enough to Gibbons that it retains the Watchmen feel but still his own.

The interview’s interesting, although one line from Johns leapt out at me:

Johns said that Doomsday Clock isn’t necessarily a political book, but it is a book “about extremes.” He thinks people are being forced to pick strong sides, but Rorschach being an “apolitical” figure, refuses to pick a side.

Rorschach “apolitical”? The people to whom he mails his journal, whom he describes as the “only people [I] can trust” is the New Frontiersman, a right wing rag that’s about as far from apolitical as you can get.

If Johns has mis-read Rorschach, that’s not a good start.

2 thoughts on “Doomsday Clock Pages

  1. Huh. Yeah those comments are a bit alarming aren’t they? I guess you could debate all day what whether Rorschach was extreme left or right, but considering he was based off the Ayn Randian version of the Question, there you go.

    I don’t collect much of the new stuff in comics these days, with a few exceptions, but I’ll check this out when he comes out, and see if its worth buying.
    Or trade wait….There’s always that;)


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