New Justice League Titles

In recent news, Scott Snyder will be taking over Justice League and starting up a whole bunch of different titles. From the article:

Justice League: No Justice will be written by Scott Snyder, Josh Williamson, and James Tynion IV with art from Frances Manapul, and will run weekly in May. In No Justice, Brainiac arrives on Earth with a warning for DC’s heroes about an impending threat that can only be stopped if the Justice League joins forces with some of DC’s worst villains.

Who’s teaming with whom? Here’s some concept art from Frances Manapul to answer that very question:

I’m calling this team JLAliens (which is completely a call back to the Justice Leagues mini event from 2001) and while it’s nice to see Martian Manhunter back with the League . . . Starro? Really?!

JLMagic (or maybe JLDark again?) with what looks to be Raven on the left, though I may be mistaken.

JLMoney (because they’re all wealthy – wasn’t Changeling/Beast Boy the adopted son of Steve Dayton at some point?). As I don’t keep up with the Superman titles, I hadn’t realised Luthor was still wearing the S-shield.

JLScience? JLNerds? And I guess they had to shoehorn Harley Quinn in there somewhere.

First impression – 5 women out of team of 20? That’s not a brilliant score, is it? Why not Batgirl instead of Robin? Scandal Savage instead of Deathstroke? Soranik Natu instead of Sinestro? Literally any female character instead of Starro?

Second impression – no Green Lantern or Aquaman? Are they not in the League any longer?

Third impression – the uniforms. Because that worked out so well the last time the League went in for that look:

Just saying . . .

Reservations aside, I will, of course, be buying these, as I’m a sucker for the Justice League.

Which is why I own a complete run of Justice League Task Force.

4 thoughts on “New Justice League Titles

  1. You do? You own the entire run? Well somebody has to love them I guess, ha ha.

    Yeah, not feeling this at all. While it’s a cute, short-term gimmick (emphasis on short-term) I just don’t get how these teams could reasonably take out this menace when the Big 7 used to that sort of thing all the time.
    But then I guess that’s the point; the League’s approach to these things has to evolve and change. Yes, this does definitely look like an homage to not only the multiple JL teams from 2001, but also feels like an homage of sorts to Cosmic Odyssey and unusual teams Starlin made up there.

    I’ll agree with you on having more chicks in the group, why they chose Starro I don’t know. You’d have to assume there’s a reason that will be revealed later as to why those particular characters were put on those teams other than they were pet favorites. Hell, no Captain Comet or Adam Strange?

    Really all of the teams do promise some intrigue through the unique members and personality clashes, especially Batman and Superman’s team.
    I suspect Harley only made the list because she’s popular, so she’s the Wolverine popular pick I guess.


    1. Hey, I said I own a complete run of Task Force – I didn’t say I loved them!

      You’re right about Harley; it used to be that Batman was the go to guest star, but these days if you want to bump sales up, just have Harley Quinn call over.


  2. When I first heard about the teams I was a little apprehensive, then I thought they would be made out of the League and a couple villains, boy was I wrong. Starro… really? They could’ve used so many better villains than Starro. Toss some more women in, toss in Miss Martian on JLAliens!


    1. Miss Martian is a great call – J’onn and M’gann on the same team would be great.

      Who knows, Starro could be the break out character on the team – Snyder could really reveal his hitherto unknown wacky sense of humour!

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