Who Were The Mightiest DC Heroes In 1977?

This is a genuine ad from 1977 where DC were touting stories “featuring the mightiest heroes of our time!

I’ve blurred the list of names and the cover of the comic.

Before you click the read more link below, take a guess at which five heroes (because of course they’re all men, this was the 70s after all) will star in this comic. I’ll give you a clue – Superman wasn’t one of them.

Have your guesses ready . . .

So, five names to choose and remember they need to be the mightiest heroes . . .

Yeah, Batman’s a given. If you picked Flash and Green Lantern, there’d be no real surprise.

But Aquaman and the Atom!?

3 thoughts on “Who Were The Mightiest DC Heroes In 1977?

  1. Wow. So Aquaman gets jobbed out by a card trick in ’75, but two years later he suddenly got his mojo/groove back and is considered to be in the top 5 mightiest heroes of the DCU?
    Ok, so who’d he blow to get in?
    Hell, who’d Ray have to blow or give one of his infamous 180-pound-at-only-6- inches-hand-job?
    I think DC was trolling their fans hard in ’77 on this one.


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