Never Rub Another Man’s Rhubarb

There I was yesterday, catching up on the blogs I follow, when I saw this post over at Dale’s blog. Long time readers might recognise Dale as being the most prolific commenter here, and also supplied the script for Boy Wonders Part 2. He has a good thing going with skits using action figures but the latest one I linked to . . . * sigh * . . . he’s using a Lego character, and I had to respond . . .

Power Girl’s right – Hal is an idiot.

Hope you like it, Dale!

3 thoughts on “Never Rub Another Man’s Rhubarb

  1. Ha ha, I do. Damn I didn’t know you were so…….territorial over the use of legos, ha ha. Don’t worry though mate, my skits can’t touch the sheer emotion and expression you get out of your animated lego skits.
    If you enjoyed that one, here’s a link to another one I did two years ago with one those old-school Duplo toys I had from when I was kid:
    Oh yes, Miss Geraldine has the attitude of Tyler Perry’s Madea, the sex drive of Helen Mirren and the class of a Dame Julie Drench, uh I mean Dench…..Julie Drench must be her son’s drag queen stage name. If not, it should be 😉

    Hal really is an idiot, no matter what format you use. Agreed.
    I’m surprised he didn’t manage to squeeze in a breast joke though. Well not in front of PG and her Puppies, but still…..


    1. Haha! Not territorial at all – I saw your sketch and the whole “reply using action figures” idea just leaped into my mind, and I couldn’t stop myself. Easily the quickest sketch I’ve done so far!

      Glad it gave you a chuckle, mate. 🙂


  2. Oh it did, ha ha.
    That’s usually how I work too these days when I’m feeling creative, so I hear you on that. Sometimes the best sketches are the ones that come to you easily versus having to really moll it over. Trust me, the more you do skits like these, the easier it gets, or at least it can appear to be.


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