100 Issues Ago February 2011

I came across this “100 Issues Ago” panel in an old JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA and thought I’d tidy it up and re-purpose it. If one month = one issue, what was I reading 100 Issues Ago?

The Keith Giffen DOOM PATROL never really seemed to take off with most comics fans – the weirdness (of which there was plenty) didn’t seem to be weird enough for fans of the Grant Morrison run, and the humour (again, there was plenty) didn’t seem to impress them either.

For me, it was a delight – I’m a fan of Giffen’s work and will give most of his stuff a try, and I happen to think Ambush Bug is a perfect fit for the team.

I think this issue was the start of the end, though, as it was cancelled at #22, though that might have been partly down to the sales, and partly down to the impending New 52.

3 thoughts on “100 Issues Ago February 2011

  1. I really, really enjoyed this incarnation of the DP. I think Giffen handled them as best he could, and found a way to incorporate previous runs by Morrison, Pollack and Arcudi into the series.
    Sales? Maybe, but I really do believe it was the impending reboot that really sealed the series’ fate.
    Damn shame really, but at least we got a solid 22 issues out of the deal.


    1. My memory is hazy and I may be attributing more influence to sales than I should – it was eight years ago!

      As I keep doing these monthly look-backs, I keep getting closer and closer to the New 52; part of me is looking forward to it . . . part of me is definitely not!

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