Batman: Three Jokers Actually Happening!

Well colour me surprised – I honestly thought the long awaited BATMAN: THREE JOKERS was never going to appear, that it was consigned to the bin following Geoff Johns essentially leaving DC comics to go and write/produce in the movies/TV world.

Turns out I was wrong and the first of three issues is due to land in June and, according to the article, all three issues are already complete so no more months long wait between issues as happened with DOOMSDAY CLOCK.

While I’m not a Batman reader – I’ve got a bunch of trades over the years, but don’t bother with the monthly titles – I’m sort of tempted by this.

2 thoughts on “Batman: Three Jokers Actually Happening!

  1. Same. I don’t know what the endgame to this is, but hopefully it finally explains what Batman learned while sitting in the Moebius chair.


    1. Yeah, I think that’s the intention. Although as it’s a Black Label book, it’ll be out of continuity so technically, the in-continuity explanation for whatever Batman learned is still out there to be discovered!


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