100 Issues Ago July 2012

I came across this “100 Issues Ago” panel in an old JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA and thought I’d tidy it up and re-purpose it. If one month = one issue, what was I reading 100 Issues Ago?

Another month, like the last one, where I struggled to find an issue worth talking about.

The EARTH-2 series was pretty much a highlight this month, but even that was something of a stretch. With the introduction of a new Flash in the previous issue, this one brought in the new Alan Scott as Green Lantern, slowly building up to a world of heroes without Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman. Robinson’s work wasn’t bad, and Nicola Scott’s art is always good, but (from memory) it was just a bit slow.

Elsewhere this month, things were something of a mess. JUSTICE LEAGUE INTERNATIONAL and STORMWATCH seemed all over the place, as were BLUE BEETLE and CAPTAIN ATOM. Even things like ALL-STAR WESTERN, DEMON KNIGHTS and FRANKENSTEIN were running on the spot a bit. As I said, hard to find something that, from my recollection, really stood out this month.

Outside of DC, it was still just THE BOYS, FATALE and FURY: MAX.

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  1. I’m curious am I the only person that hated the fact that they made Alan Scott gay the same way Marvel let Bendis turn Iceman gay? To clarify I’m not against homosexuals are any sexulas in the slightest, pedos aside, but they already had proud, gay character to use in Alan’s son Obsidian and Atom Smasher. Why not use them since they weren’t doing anything? Shoehorning/forcing diversity never works and only reads false like lip service. But that’s just me. What did you think?
    Aside from all that Earth 2 was probably the only true Phew 52 title I actually enjoyed that had the most upside to it versus the other titles.


    1. It’s jarring when a big change is made to a character that’s been around for a while, but I think this worked. Technically, this Alan Scott isn’t the same as the original – this is a whole new Earth-2 with different characters who are clearly based on the originals, but are separate from them. So for me it would be a bigger change if the original/Earth-1 Alan Scott (ie the one who was featured in JUSTICE LEAGUE at the end of Snyder’s run, and who returned in DOOMSDAY CLOCK) was outed as gay. It’s true that some men go through a heterosexual life, marrying and fathering children, before being able to come out so it’s not unheard of, but it would be a big change to that character.

      As it is, this new Earth-2 version of Alan Scott is just that, a new version, so it made no bones to me. And his relationship with Sam was handled the same way as the original’s relationship with Molly was: two characters in love with each other, which was nice to see. Shame Sam was fridged pretty much instantly, but at least he came back as the White in later issues.

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      1. True, in that context, it does ease some confusion, although, and correct me if I’m wrong, did DC themselves or the media lead with the tagline about a Gay Green Lantern; specifically Alan Scott, leading on to think they were they turned Alan gay?


  2. I was going to ask if Robinson ever actually did anything with making Alan Scott gay, because I knew he killed off the boyfriend almost instantly, because I’m guessing not much.

    Cripes this was the stretch where I was doing that turtle-trapping job and only had Internet access for an hour at a time a couple days a week. Those posts are a disaster to try and read. Anyway, it’s mostly business as usual, although some of the stuff I’m buying doesn’t seem to have come into the store.

    The only new things were I finally got an issue of Dial H (issue 3, but still, it’s something), and the first issue (which actually came out in May, but I didn’t get until July) of the Kelly Sue DeConnick-written Captain Marvel series, with Carol Danvers in her new look.

    Dial H wound up being one of my favorite books for the next year-plus, while Captain Marvel was hampered by a slow opening story, some crossovers and tie-ins that didn’t serve the book, and mostly by the fact the book never had a consistent artist for more than a few issues at time. Worse, none of the artists the book did have looked at all similar. Constant stylistic whiplash.


    1. I don’t think it was ever really mentioned until towards (I think) the end of the run when Sam returned as the White – something, maybe, to do with a FOREVER EVIL crossover? Or maybe it was the whole FUTURE’S END thing? All my comics are still in storage so I can’t check.

      that turtle-trapping job” Man, sounds like there’s a story behind that line!


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