100 Issues Ago August 2012

Prior to the New 52, Palmiotti and Gray had had a good run with a couple of incarnations of the Freedom Fighters, with tales tying into and spinning out of INFINITE CRISIS to good effect. After the line-wide reboot, amongst other things, they started to play about with new versions of some of the characters they’d used in the Freedom Fighters team. THE RAY was followed by this series, PHANTOM LADY, and it wasn’t bad. Sadly, despite the cover, no Amanda Conner art, but from memory, Cat Staggs work was nice and clean and it was a good fun read, too.

Elsewhere in the New 52 (fast approaching it’s first anniversary next month) CAPTAIN ATOM, JUSTICE LEAGUE INTERNATIONAL, RESURRECTION MAN, and VOODOO were all preparing to finish their runs next month; SWAMP THING was about to start the boring Rotworld crossover with ANIMAL MAN; and BLUE BEETLE and TEEN TITANS were meandering, still trying to find something that worked.

There was some good stuff, too – Geoff Johns on GREEN LANTERN was still entertaining, and the other Lantern titles of GREEN LANTERN CORPS and GREEN LANTERN: NEW GUARDIANS were still enjoyable, too. EARTH 2 introduced us to a new Hawkgirl, and FRANKENSTEIN was enjoying itself as well.

Outside of DC, it was still just THE BOYS, FURY MAX, and FATALE, the latter of which had lived up to the promise of the early issues.

4 thoughts on “100 Issues Ago August 2012

  1. Got Atomic Robo, both Real Science Adventures and Flying She-Devils of the Pacific. Angel & Faith rolls on. There was new Rocketeer mini-series, Cargo of Doom, by the Daredevil creative team of Mark Waid and Chris Samnee. That was good stuff, and the first time I think I realized Dave Stevens had strongly hinted that the rocket pack was designed by Doc Savage (I hadn’t ever read Stevens’ original Rocketeer work).

    DC, there’s Green Arrow, Resurrection Man has one issue to go, Batman Beyond Unlimited, and Dial H. No real changes there, although I think Freddie Williams may have taken over for Harvey Tolibao as artist on Green Arrow, which is a bit of an upgrade at least.

    Marvel, Secret Avengers is free of Avengers vs. X-Men tie-ins. No more fawning over Mar-Vell! I’m a couple of issues behind on Captain Marvel, but at least I got another issue. Issue 9 of Matt Fraction’s Defenders shipped, which was the point I said “Enough!” Daredevil shipped twice, but one issue was a one-off with art by Mike Allred, who has never been my cup of tea. The Matt Fraction/David Aja Hawkeye series started in August, but I don’t think I got my first issue of that for a couple of months, due to demand.


      1. Yep, IDW did a “The Rocketeer: The Complete Adventures” back in 2009-2010ish, that I think collects all the comics Dave Stevens did, across several different titles and publishers. I picked it up, maybe a couple of years later. I feel like there was a deluxe edition and a regular, which is what I bought, but I don’t know what the difference was.

        Of the newer stuff IDW published during the 2011-2013 stretch, I think Cargo of Doom is the high point, although Roger Landridge and J. Bone’s Hollywood Horror is pretty good. A little more comedic than Cargo of Doom, which fits the artist. They’re both 4-issue mini-series, and I assume there’s tpbs of them out there.


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