Crisis On Infinite Earths Box Set

So yesterday’s tease was pointing to this beauty that arrived today:

The CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS box set which was my treat to myself for working hard on a project in work and getting a bonus to show for it.

And this is gorgeous!

The cover flips down to reveal 14 hardbacks – some of which I have in other formats (the COIE story itself I have in the original comics, the trade paperback, the Absolute Edition, a digital version of the 30th anniversary – and now this!) – some of which are new, especially some of the content in Behind The Crisis, the fourteenth volume.

Who knows, I might even do a full on review of this one day.

One thought on “Crisis On Infinite Earths Box Set

  1. That’s a pretty remarkable & might I add, BEA-UTI-FUL case cover. I’d be interested in a review just to see what’s new and how it all fits.


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