One Star Squadron

Originally I was torn about the news concerning ONE STAR SQUADRON, a new 6 issue miniseries coming in December.

But then I thought, what the hell? It’s a light hearted, fun book by the sounds of it, which includes Power Girl returning to the DCU for the first time in ages which is long overdue. Sure, I’m not a fan of my favourite characters being made fun of, but if the whole thing is played for laughs like the Giffe/DeMatteis JUSTICE LEAGUE days, I can live with that, even if the set-up seems a little close to FORMERLY KNOWN AS THE JUSTICE LEAGUE.

Still, the art looks lovely:

And it took me a moment to realise that this guy on the right:

Appears to be a revamped/updated/brand new Heckler, based on the “HA HA” motif on his jacket! As one of perhaps four people who bought every issue of THE HECKLER, I’m glad to see him being given a new lease of life.

3 thoughts on “One Star Squadron

  1. Oh so THAT’s who that is. Personally I prefer his original look, but like you said, at least he’s allowed to appear in general. What was his power/skill set again?
    Not sure who the others are besides PG, RT, Firehawk, Plastic Man and the Flying Fox?
    Do you?


    1. Definitely prefer his original look; of course, there’s the possibility this might be a new guy with the Heckler name?

      Left to right are Plas, Red Tornado, Flying Fox, PG, an unknown robot, Folded Man (an old Flash villain), Lamplighter (an old Green Lantern villain), and Heckler. Should I be happy or sad that I was able to identify those two villains with very little effort?

      Oh, and on the cover, there’s Gangbuster above Flying Fox.

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      1. Probably a new guy yeah. Depends on your mood, but happy since it was useful for me at least. Idk why I didn’t think of Lamplighter, as the trifold hat should’ve given him away. Then again that old Teen Titans villain, that Tornado Twister guy also wore a trifold hat.


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