100 Issues Ago August 2013

Power Girl and Huntress are still trying to find their way back to Earth-2 and at the moment also trying to escape the clutches of Desaad who, it turns out, was stranded on Earth-0 back when Darkseid launched his invasion that the Justice League prevented. This issue seems like filler – it’s mostly Power Girl hunting for Huntress while she in turn escapes Desaad, only to finish with the revelation that the Apokoliptian god has somehow messed up Power Girl’s abilities which go haywire from next issue onwards.

So if it’s filler, why am I highlighting it? Because the rest of the DC titles appear to be gearing up to the FOREVER EVIL event, with Trinity War running through several titles, or other titles like STORMWATCH or ALL-STAR WESTERN were off doing their own thing. It really did seem like a mess of all sorts of things going on this month, and this was the issue that leapt out at me.

Once again it was a very DC heavy month with 17 issues and only FATALE from Image breaking the pattern.

2 thoughts on “100 Issues Ago August 2013

  1. Well, two things from July I missed last month. One, Hawkeye did ship an issue of the regular series, the one done from the dog’s perspective. Two, IDW released the first issue of Rocketeer/Spirit: Pulp Friction, which was supposed to be drawn by old Uncanny X-Men artist Paul Smith, but he bailed after the first issue for some reason. So it skips August, as does Hawkeye and Atomic Robo.

    Two books I was buying ended this month. Angel & Faith, although it was just the end of a “season” for this and the Buffy book, so each book restarted within the next couple of months, but with different creative teams, so I didn’t bother with them. The other is Dial H, which at least gets an extra-sized issue since they’re sorely rushing Mieville’s story. Unfortunately, you can see the toll it takes on Ponticelli’s artwork. Brilliant job by DC. Get an award winning sci-fi novelist to write a comic series for you, the kind of thing you could sell collections of for years presumably, then don’t let him tell it properly.

    Besides those two, there’s Katana, Avengers Arena, Captain America, Captain Marvel, Daredevil, and X-Men. Things are tilting back towards Marvel more and more. Next month is Villains Month at DC, right? Where they did all those special covers, then didn’t make enough to meet actual demand?


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