Spider-Man: No Way Home Review (Sort Of)

Mrs Earth-Prime and I saw this last night and it’s really good; if this is the final Tom Holland/MCU Spidey film, it’s a fitting end. Fear not – there are no spoilers here.

It’s the first time I’ve heard a cinema audience whoop, clap, and cheer at the appearance of a character on screen (trust me – British cinema audiences are a lot more reserved than Americans) but it was well deserved. And then it happened again!

The film has a lot going on, much of which is sort of dependent on you having watched the previous Spider-Man franchises, although there’s enough of a hand-wavey-multiverse explanation that even if you don’t remember them all, there’s the right amount of exposition to carry you along.

There’s a couple of nice throw aways in there, especially one in the first ten minutes or so, and there’s the usual mid-credits scene – this one will please those of us who saw Venom: Let There Be Carnage – and there’s a longer post-credits scene that makes me glad I watched not only Wandavision, but also Loki and, perhaps most surprisingly, What If…

Certainly worth a watch.