Annotations Update

I am so behind on this that I thought it best to let you folks know where I am with the annotations for INFINITE FRONTIER. I had planned to get this done over Christmas but then al life got in the way and I didn’t get a chance to pick this back up until last week.

My goal at the moment is to annotate 10 pages per day – I’ve just finished page 10 of issue #5 and so hope to get the notes for #5 and #6 by mid-week of next week. Then it’s just a bit of tidying up and publishing pages and we should be done.

And then . . .

I get to take a look at JUSTICE LEAGUE INCARNATE which I’ve deliberately not read until I finish INFINITE FRONTIER.

And then . . .

So yeah, that’s happening.

With some luck and a fair wind, I might even be able to annotate DARK CRISIS month by month.