3 thoughts on “Untold Tales #628 Swamp Thing vs Captain Marvel

  1. Oh, so you do know that at the end of his original series, Alec was cured by his brother yet that particular ending was completely ignored. I didn’t know about this myself until watching a video retrospective about Swampy’s first 10 years made by a YouTube Creator named Overlord Comics. By then Wein had long since left the book, so whoever was the writer back then did all that. Thankfully it was quickly ignored & he was restored back to his regular Swampy self. Alsp didn’t know he was once a member of the late 70’s incarnation of the Challengers of the Unknown around this time period along with Deadman.


    1. Yeah, all that’s covered in the three really nice “Swamp Thing in the Bronze Age” collections which cover the original stories, the Challengers stuff (I think it was more him being a recurring guest star rather than actually a member of the Challs) and the cure which, as you say, was ignored. They go up to the end of Martin Pasko’s run which was then followed by Moore. Worth a read if you haven’t already.

      The cover I’ve modified actually shows Alec being cured, not turning into the Swamp Thing as I have it.

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      1. Thanks to an ex’s stepdad, I inherited a few issues of Pasko’s run as well as a few issues of the earlier Wein/Wrightson run, so I got to enjoy how good early Swampy was before Moore graced the character. Ok so he wasn’t an official member then. huh. Ok, I guess w/o reading the issues themselves but seeing the covers & hearing he was featured in their book at the time I just assumed he was a member. Good to know.


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