Zero Hour #2

  • Writer: Dan Jurgens
  • Penciller: Dan Jurgens
  • Inker: Jerry Ordway
  • Colorist: Gregory Wright
  • Letterer: Gaspar Saladino
  • Cover Penciller: Dan Jurgens
  • Cover Inker: Jerry Ordway
  • Editor: K.C. Carlson

Cover: Two teams face off against each other; on the right from the top down are the Ray; Superboy; Supergirl; Nightwing; Green Lantern (GL) Kyle Rayner; Darkstar Donna Troy; Anima; and Impulse.

On the left from the top down are blonde haired lass in green; skull face in blue and red; Killowat; blonde guy in red and gold; dark haired guy with shoulder pads; blue/purple guy; guy with mace for a hand; white skull guy; Battalion; Mirage; orange guy with mohican; Nightrider; purple tusk guy; Terra; guy in green; diving figure in black; guy in blue and yellow; red haired girl in red. I’ve no idea if these are genuine characters or simply throwaway one-offs for the most part.

Page 1 – Panel 1: The artefacts of Fate, all that’s left of Dr. Fate following Extant’s attack in the previous issue.

Page 1 – Panel 2: Waverider in the background and the identical-looking Extant.

Page 1 – Panel 3: The remains of the Justice Society who were soundly beaten by Extant last issue. On the right, laying down, are Hourman and beneath him Dr. Mid-Nite, the Atom, and Sandman. On the far left laying down is Wildcat. Down the middle (from the top) are Flash, Inza and Kent Nelson, Johnny Quick and Starman. In the bottom right corner is GL Alan Scott.

Pages 2 and 3 – Panel 3: Extant dismisses the JSA and Waverider, sending them back to their proper time.

Pages 2 and 3 – Panel 5: The shadowy figures are members of the Team Titans from the future that we’ll meet later on.

Page 4 – Panel 2: Back in present-day New York, the heroes try to handle a futuristic city about to land on them. Left to right are L-Ron (in Despero’s body); Hawkman; Captain Atom; Geo-Force; Superman; Darkstar Donna Troy; GL Kyle Rayner; Lightninf Lad; Batgirl; and Batman.

Page 4 – Panel 3: Aside from those mentioned above are Metron (seated); the Ray (above him); Booster Gold (top right); and Emerald Dragon (bottom right).

Page 6 – Panel 3: The fallen JSA

Page 6 – Panel 3: Having dealt with the city, the heroes return and find the battered JSA and Waverider. Standing behind GL Alan Scott is Johnny Thunder who, for some reason, wasn’t shown on the first page.

Page 7 – Panel 1: Behind GL Alan Scott is Red Tornado.

Page 7 – Panel 4: Starman quits the hero business for good.

Page 8 – Panel 1: Lifting the road are Martian Manhunter and Amazing Man; watching them is Impulse.

Page 8 – Panel 4: GL Alan Scott quits as Green Lantern, leaving Kyle the sole Lantern.

Page 8 – Panel 6: The Flash quits as well.

Page 9 – Panel 1: In the background, other than those we’ve mentioned, are Maxima; Blue Beetle; and Robin.

Page 9 – Panel 4: Left to right are Emerald Dragon; Cosmic Boy; Lightning Lad; and Saturn Girl. They’re all from the future hence Emerald Dragon’s remark.

Page 9 – Panel 6: “… there are no guarantees of coming back.” says Superman. Ironic as both GL Alan Scott and the Flash would eventually return to active duty.

Page 10 – Panel 2: Metron in the middle with three groups around him. First group at the top are Superman; Captain Atom; Metamorpho; and Wonder Woman. Second group in the lower left are Cosmic Boy; Lightning Lad; Emeral Dragon; and Saturn Girl. Last group on the right are Katana; Geo-Force; Mirage; and Terra.

Page 11 – Panel 1: The heroes are attacked by members of the Team Titans, heroes pulled from alternate timelines by Extant and brainwashed into fighting the 20th century heroes. Most of them (as far as I know) aren’t named but the top foreground character is Redwing; the bottom left is Killowat.

Page 11 – Panel 2: Mirage recognises her team mates and she and Terra are about to come under the control of . . .

Page 12 – Panel 7: Dr Mid-Nite dies

Page 11 – Panel 3: . . . Extant who kindly explains what’s going on.

Page 11 – Panel 4: The big guy squaring up to Superman is Battalion.

Page 12 – Panels 1 to 4: Dr. Mist dies as entropy eats away at the past.

Page 12 – Panel 7: Dr. Mid-Nite is reported as dead.

Page 12 – Panel 9: Leaving no doubt as to who he refers to, Flash heads off to find the Spectre.

Page 13 – Panel 1: Power Girl and Supergirl.

Page 13 – Panel 2: Despite having never been pregnant before, Power Girl assumes her labour can’t be normal because it’s “so painful!

Page 13 – Panel 3: That’s right, a force field projected by the child still in the womb.

Page 13 – Panel 4: Extant at Vanishing Point with captives Matthew Ryder on the left, Liri Lee on the right.

Page 14 – Panel 1: Arranged on the rocks are Nightwing; Anima; Impulse; Darkstar Donna Troy; Superboy; with the Ray off to one side; Waverider and GL Kyle Rayner above them.

Page 14 – Panel 1: The end of time

Page 14 – Panel 2: Waverider mentions seeing Flash and Green Lantern killed by entropy; both events happened in issue #4.

Page 14 – Panel 4: Superboy, based in Hawaii, was a notorious flirt at this point.

Page 15 – Panel 1: More Team Titans sent by Extant to prevent the heroes winner. The giant robot is, I think, called Metallik while the one striking Nightwing is Nightrider.

Page 15 – Panel 2: Like I said, Superboy was a terrible flirt.

Page 16 – Panel 2: Extant himself arrives and attacks Darkstar Donna Troy.

Page 16 – Panel 3: GL Kyle Rayner dives in front of his blast and saves her. Note that the GL ring given to him by Alan Scott falls to the floor.

Page 17 – Panel 1: Ah, the vagaries of time travel!

Page 17 – Panel 2: This Extant is still Hank Hall/Monarch while . . .

Page 17 – Panel 3: . . . this Extant watches events he’s already experienced happen again.

Page 17 – Panel 5: Waverider returns the heroes to their own time.

Page 18 – Panel 1: Extant absorbs Waverider . . .

Page 18 – Panels 2 to 4: . . . and gains his mastery of time travel. Prior to this, as shown in the SHOWCASE ’94 issues, Extant had limited control.

Page 18 – Panels 6 and 7: Finding a souvenir

Page 18 – Panel 6: As Extant vanishes, a mysterious newcomer picks up the ring dropped by GL Kyle Rayner.

Page 19 – Panel 1: The heroes defeat the Team Titans; note that Metamorpho had kept the two genuine Titans, Mirage and Terra, from the fight.

Page 20 – Panel 3: Metron’s plan works as the entropy rift collapses, saving the future.

Page 21 – Panel 1: Rokk Krinn and the Time Trapper appear; Krinn is positive the Trapper can be trusted because, as revealed in the previous issue, the Trapper is a future version of himself.

Page 21 – Panel 4: The Time Trapper sends the 20th Century heroes home but not the Legionnaires.

Page 21 – Panel 6: Batman and Robin deal with the last of the Titans as Guy Gardner is about to make a discovery.

Page 21 – Panels 7 to 9: That’s right, folks, Gardner just grew a gun out of his arm thanks to latent alien physiology.

Page 22 – Panel 1: But it’s all for nought as the Team Titans vanish.

Page 22 – Panel 3: Again, Extant kindly explains what’s happened.

Page 22 – Panel 5: Left to right are Metron; Superman; Nightwing; Captain Marvel; Batgirl; and Guy Gardner.

Page 23 – Panels 1 and 2: The past and present Extants meet and merge.

Page 23 – Panels 4 and 5: The mysterious figure from earlier appears in the 30th century and reopens the entropy rift.

Page 23 – Panels 6 to 8: He drops and destroys the power ring of GL Alan Scott as the 30th century disappears.

Deaths in this issue

  • Dr. Mist – killed by entropy
  • Dr. Mid-Nite – killed by Extant