Doomsday Clock Covers

I step away from the internet for a few days and what happens? DC release the first covers for the forthcoming Doomsday Clock series where Superman goes up against Dr Manhattan:

Somewhere along the line, I’d thought this was going to be a six issue series so was pleasantly surprised to note the cover saying “1 of 12”

All trepidation around mixing Watchmen with the DCU aside, that looks like a really nice piece of work from series artist Gary Frank.

4 thoughts on “Doomsday Clock Covers

  1. I’m curious too what Johns has in mind and how exactly he’ll put Superman through the wringer. Will Dr. Manhattan, who’s being portrayed as the main villain, be redeemed, or move even further away from his lost humanity. And when will they stop milking all they can from Alan Moore’s stories?

    Plus we STILL haven’t seen the original JSA and LoSH return yet. Will this series bring all that about?


    1. When will they stop milking Alan Moore? They’ll keep doing it as long as they can, I guess! But then again (and I know this argument came about when Before Watchmen was done) comics always look back at the earlier stories, pick what they want and reinvent it. Hell, you could say Moore did it with the excellent League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, taking someone else’s characters and doing something else with them. You could even say that’s what he did with Watchmen as the characters were versions of the Charlton characters.

      As to the JSA? Here’s hoping!


      1. True, yeah, and when it’s exactly like that and not a shameless money grab due to an actual lack of originality, then yeah, it works as long as its its own thing.

        Hopefully they’ll put the Watchmen toys back in the box when they’re done after this.


      2. Despite the variant cover to #1 being Rorscharch’s mask morphing into the logos of Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman, early indications are that it’s only Dr Manhattan that would be featured, which makes sense – he’s the only super-bring in the original story so why/how would any of the others be involved? At the end of the story, it’s unlikely that Manhattan would still be around (not suggesting he’ll die, more he’ll remove himself from the DCU) so yeah, that should be it for the Watchmen characters and the DCU.

        At least I’d hope so.


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