Superman Swears Like A Four Year Old

Yeah, that’s right, you heard him – Superman said

Maybe letterer Albert De Guzman was having a bad day, or maybe he was telling everyone he thought Bloodbath #1 (from whence this little nugget comes) stank . . . either way, Superman said “poop” and that was the only thing about Bloodlines #1 that made me smile as I was reading it yesterday.

Now I have to read number two.

Heh. Number two. Poop.

Damn, now I sound like a four year old.

2 thoughts on “Superman Swears Like A Four Year Old

    1. I guess De Guzman was going for “Poor Metropolis” but I couldn’t resist taking the mick!

      And ret-conned? Nope, Bloodlines is still part of the DCU, my friend – see here for details. 🙂


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