One Prime To Rule Them All

Did anyone see this coming? Amazon Prime are going to be producing a Lord of The Rings TV series set in the years before Fellowship of The Ring.

I was a massive Rings fan when I was a teenager – the image above is a scan of the copy I bought when I was 13 or so waaaaaayyyy back in the early 80s – and loved the films in the early 2000s, but I’m struggling to think of much that happened before Fellowship.

I suppose they could focus on (if memory serves) the almost 80 years between The Hobbit and Fellowship, when Gandalf and the White Council were fighting a cold war of sorts with the newly returned Sauron – if I’m honest, the stuff with the Council, the freeing of the Nine, the confrontation with Sauron were all things I wanted more of in the otherwise lacklustre Hobbit films – so there’s that. Doesn’t make for spectacular TV, though.

Having never watched Game of Thrones (I know, I know) but being aware of the huge success it’s had, maybe the time’s right for a Rings series?