Wonder? Yes. Woman? Definitely.

Ah, casual sexism in the 1960s, from Justice League of America #66.

Where else would you see one of the most powerful and iconic female heroes reduced to a home organising shrew complete with apron and feather duster?

As an aside, what the hell is a “psonic computer“?

One thought on “Wonder? Yes. Woman? Definitely.

  1. Hal’s comments aren’t really that shocking. I mean he’s pretty had the same attitude from then until now.
    That apron doesn’t help her cause though.
    I’m guessing the Amazons were the one who REALLY invented the concept of Fung-shui then….
    Still not as bad as when Steve Englehart wrote the series and turned WW into a raging bitch, all for the sake of mixing things up and adding “drama” into the series. Or he just hated women. I mean Mantis ammirite? Celestial Madonna who was basically an Asian whore with mad kung-fu skills and destined to give birth to a cosmic messiah, a la Mary from the bible, who fell in love with a carnie turned supervillain( not a big stretch there really. I mean aren’t ALL carnies villains?)

    Ah comics…..


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