The (Not So) All Powerful Spectre

A common complaint for years about the Spectre was that he was just too powerful to relate to, something that Superman faced as well in the 70s when he was routinely throwing planets around.

By the late 80s, the Spectre had been depowered and forced to hang around with Jim Corrigan as a separate entity. He currently plays a small role in Millennium that I’m working my way though which led me to find this panel.

Behold, my friends, the Spectre – spirit of vengeance, hammer of God, one of the most powerful heroes the DCU has ever had – reduced to getting around like the rest of us:

Of course, they didn’t show his next words:


Or the other things he asked Corrigan to do:

Man, the 80s were rough for him.

Even More Crisis?

As regular readers know, I’ve been annotating DC Comics summer events for the past few years, mostly the older ones that I read at the time, as well as some more recent ones. My favourite, though, has to be the grand-daddy of them all, Crisis on Infinite Earths which I annotated a few years back.

For the series I’ve done most recently, things like Eclipso: The Darkness WithinWar of the Gods and even Bloodlines I haven’t just focused on the main series, but have written up all the crossover issues in between. If I hadn’t done that for Eclipso and Bloodlines, they would have been very short and sweet.

And now, as I’m halfway through Millennium and am writing up summaries of those crossover issues, I find myself thinking back to my first annotations, Infinite CrisisFinal Crisis and, of course, Crisis on Infinite Earths. There’s a ton of issues missing from those stories which I never considered before. IC and FC both had spin-off miniseries which I’ve covered but the monthly on-going titles that crossed over into the series have been left out.

In recent years, when doing things like Eclipso and Bloodlines, I’ve bought back issues of the annuals which has meant getting them shipped over from the States which isn’t cheap, but now, thanks to technology and Comixology, I’ve mostly gone digital. For the Crisis crossovers, I already owned a bunch of them – I have complete runs of All-Star SquadronInfinity Inc and others, and a mostly complete run of Justice League of America – but for those that were missing I was able to buy 12 out of 17 from Comixology, including the first appearance of Superboy-Prime which cost £1.49 as opposed to around £10, not including shipping.

All of that is by way of saying I’ll be revisiting some of the earlier annotations over the coming months and including the crossovers; my plan (and yes, I have it planned out!) is to finish Millennium over the next four or five weeks and then get the Crisis crossovers done around late July/into August. Beyond that is the write up of Legends and the other series I haven’t yet done.

Stay tuned!

Mortal Engines Trailer

Oh my word . . . I will admit I know nothing about Mortal Engines other than what Mrs Earth-Prime and I saw when the teaser trailer played before Solo, but that and this trailer makes me want to watch this film NOW!

Sure, the plot seems fairly standard – young woman wants revenge on the bad guy, teams up with bad guy’s son and a feisty third wheel with her own agenda before a final confrontation – but look at that clip and imagine seeing that on the cinema screen.

So looking forward to this.