New Month, New Post Editor

While I have been away over the last couple of weeks, I’ve also had some time at home, catching up on a few things here and there, relaxing and generally enjoying not being in work. One of the things I’ve finally got around to playing with is the new Block Editor in WordPress.

I say “new” – I’ve had the banner at the top of my posts for over six months telling me there’s “an easier way to create posts” and while I’d looked at it in the past, my approach to new software/upgrades is to wait for others to dive in and work out the bugs before I go ahead and try it.

But try it I have and, while I had a few grumbles, I’m sticking with it. Sooner or later, it won’t be optional so I guess I bite the bullet and work out how this damn thing works. I’ve been working through the annotations pages and converting them over to blocks one by one.

There are some definite improvements – my page of homages to CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS #7, the Death of Supergirl, was a table that I had to create and maintain in raw html. Adding a new image to that page was a pain in the backside as I had to copy the html, chuck it into my text editor of choice (Notepad++ if you’re interested) and then edit that in order to get a new cell in at the right place. I then had to paste the amended html back into the WordPress page.

The new Gallery block has made maintenance of that page a damn sight easier and should make viewing those images a better experience for the users, as well.

Inline images are a little clunky, though – I use them a lot for the annotations pages and while it’s doable using Blocks, it’s not straightforward. I have to create a paragraph block, then insert an image block above the paragraph and then align the image which then drops it inline with the paragraph. Clunky, like I said.

The one thing I don’t understand, though, is why the new editor is so much thinner than the original. Here’s a screen shot of a test page I was playing with in the classic editor – note the red rectangle:

That highlighted area was what I had to play with – it’s the amount of space in which I could type, add new images and so on.

Here’s the block editor page:

The new block editor is about half the width of the original – again, the red rectangle shows the amount of on-screen room I have to create my posts. As my site pages, when published, more realistically match the width of the classic editor, it’s going to be difficult using the blocks to get a sense of what the pages will look like before I publish them.

Still, I shall persevere and hopefully get a handle on this.

I’m hoping there’s a setting to change the editor font to a serif font as well, but that’s just me being picky . . .

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