Jason Returns In Wonder Woman #42

I’ve probably watched too many horror films over the years, because when I saw the headline Jason Returns in Wonder Woman #42 over at Newsarama, I didn’t think about Wonder Woman’s twin brother turning up.

No, my thoughts went in a different direction.

So I picked up my trusty art software, grabbed a couple of images and came up with this:

Yeah, that’s scene’s probably not going to happen.

Messing about with covers inspired by the excellent Super Team Family blog.

Black Label, Anyone?

Still ridiculously busy (hence the lack of posts/updates) but couldn’t let this one lie.

DC announced a new creator driven, out of continuity imprint called DC Black Label which promises to “bring edgy and provocative standalone stories” to some of the major characters from the company. So Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman, then.

Of the six titles announced, there are two Batman stories, two Wonder Woman, one Superman and a multi-character tale, The Other History Of The DC Universe, that looks at heroes from “traditionally disenfranchised groups“; the Superman books is by Frank Miller, so that’s a no-go from me; Wonder Woman Historia: The Amazons might be worth a look based on the solicit information, and maybe Batman: Last Knight On Earth by Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo.

Aside from that, though, when I saw the imprint’s name – and I’m sure this happened to many a British comic fan of a certain age – a long ago advertising campaign instantly sprung to mind:

More Site Updates

Crazy, stupid busy in work this last week or so until today when the “Beast from the East” brought snow to my part of the UK and sent everyone home. Seriously, for the first time ever, my place of work announced it was closing at mid-day – not only that, but it wouldn’t open until this Monday coming!

So, what’s a middle aged man to do with an unexpected snow day if not upload a few more pictures?

  • Found a few more Eclipso ads and updated that page
  • Found another Zero Hour ad and updated that one
  • Found my first, and so far only Underworld Unleashed ad so have put that on the UU homepage