I have a fondness and a fascination for sharks – Jaws is one of my favourite movies; I really enjoyed Deep Blue Sea and will cheerfully spend most of Shark Week on the sofa, watching documentary after documentary on these fantastic creatures. They’re probably second only to squids and octopuses for me.

Finding the trailer for The Meg has pretty much made my day.

It looks like it has waaaaaaaaaay more in common with Deep Blue Sea than Jaws and I really hope it doesn’t take itself too seriously, but it sure looks fun at the moment.

And look – it has a giant squid, too!

3 thoughts on “Shark!

  1. All I could think of from the title was Meg Griffin from Family Guy finally getting her own solo movie. Looks like she did. Congrats to Meg on finally achieving a lifelong dream.


      1. Lois yeah, Meg, eh. If she was allowed dress sexier, than sure. Like when she briefly became a popstar, then yeah, she was hot. Or the time Brian and Stewie went to an alternate universe where Lois was hotter than normal, and Meg was super-hot.


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