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More information out about DCeased which shows that yes, it’s zombies, but no, it’s not the next big event as it’s not part of the current DCU continuity – whatever that is, these days.

Apparently . . .

Darkseid will unleash a techo-organic virus that overtakes almost the entire DC Universe – with Batman standing against the rage zombies the virus creates.

A six issue mini-series where everyone and anyone is up for grabs in terms of contracting the virus even, it seems from the promo, Darkseid himself:

The out of continuity take makes me a little happier as I had visions of some weird FINAL CRISISBLACKEST NIGHT mash up but (and I admit to some zombie based snobbery here) if you’re going to do zombies, they should be full Romero, not the “rage zombies” a la 28 Days Later.

It’s still a pass from me.

One thought on “More DCeased News

  1. So let me get this straight, not only does DC steal the whole rage zombie idea from Marvel and the entire horror genre, but they also steal the whole Techno-Organic virus plot device from Marvel as well???

    And as much as I love Batman, and I do, why does he always have to be the lone uninfected hero in these things? Didn’t he just have that metal event devoted to him? Why can’t DC let someone like Adam Strange or the Blue Devil or the Phantom Stranger get that role?

    Like you said, thank God it’s out of continuity.


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