RIP Stan Lee

Being a solid DC fan throughout my formative comic years, I missed out on much of Stan Lee’s presence – he was Marvel through and through, of course, so I didn’t have much contact with his creations.

You had to be living under a rock, though, to not know about him or what he’d done. It’s a shame some of his collaborators – particularly Jack Kirby – aren’t such household names to those outside of comics, but there’s no denying that Lee was one of the giants in the industry . . . and now he’s dead.

This cover probably won’t be used much over the coming days but these stories are the only thing I have in my collection written by Stan Lee.

Not his best work in terms of dialogue, but the ideas are there. How different things could have been.

RIP, Stan.

2 thoughts on “RIP Stan Lee

  1. Yeah I remember when this came out. It was big deal, because Stan was “Mr. Marvel”, so the very idea that he was going to write for the “Distinguished Competition” was unheard of at the time.
    I’ll agree that not all of his interpretations were really good, but it was interesting enough to see how Stan himself would’ve approached them had he created or had a chance to work on them back in the day.

    You really should treat yourself to some classic Marvel Lee stuff. I’ll be honest, the dialogue, as you mentioned here, might not hold up today, but the story and story ideas are timeless.


    1. I’ve been tempted once or twice by the Essential collections – I think they’re similar to DC’s Showcase Presents collections where they reprint silver age stories on cheap paperstock in black and white.

      Any recommendations?


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